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Why the only obstacle standing between you and your dream kitchen is Y.O.U.

As with most of my projects over the years, my husband asks me 3 questions before I endeavor on new adventures in the world of DIY:

  1. How much is this going to cost?
  2. How much assistance is required on his end? (this question takes the #1 spot during football season)
  3. How much will it cost to fix it if the project doesn’t go as planned? This one hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood) but just in case it’s always good to know how pricy a project may become if a professional must be called in for any repairs or assistance.

I’ll start by saying I in no way consider myself an absolute professional by any measure when it comes to painting cabinetry. However, I’ve taken on the task on several different occasions and I’m here to tell y’all that it’s not that hard, it’s not cost prohibitive, and it’s not as time consuming as you may think. I’m also here to tell you that if you’re anything like me you spend a lot of time in the kitchen (cleaning that is…my husband is the chef in our household). I hate looking at, standing in, and cleaning a drab kitchen! Painting your cabinets – whether in your kitchen, den, or bath areas – is the simplest way to change the entire mood of the room and give your space a fresh new look.

  1. Know your products.

For my kitchen island makeover, I chose Dixie Belle mineral paint. I also always use a Purdy brush, a mini roller, painters’ tape, a 150 fine grit sanding pad, and a Dixie Belle finishing pad.

  • Take your time.

You’ll thank yourself in the end. Tape well, remove the knobs, and or anything you’re storing in your cabinets.

  • Clean up as you go along.

I am always methodical about cleaning up and doing my touch up paint before I move on. When I’m finished with a project, I’m finished. The last thing I want to do is to go back and try and remember where I need to do a little extra something.

*As a side note but also a very important detail. I did wipe my cabinets down prior to beginning to paint with Windex multi-surface and a microfiber cloth but I did not sand any prior to painting.

  • Use a wet brush when using chalk/mineral paints AND be sure to stir/shake the paint container very well.

I can’t stress this enough, painting cabinets or furniture in general isn’t hard. How meticulous you are during each step of the process will determine the look and end result of your project piece.

  •  Use fine grit sanding paper to lightly sand between coats.

Be sure you let each coat dry completely before sanding or applying any type of finishing product.

  • Seal your product.

Some will tell you otherwise but, in my experience, whether it be my kitchen cabinets or a refinished side table, I always put a finishing protective coat on. This will protect furniture from spills, water marks, and makes pieces easier to clean as well.

Dixie Belle offers a wide variety of finishing products. For my kitchen cabinets I chose to finish them in Dixie Belle Satin clear coat.

The end result. I chose the color Stormy Seas and at this particular time of day it looks lighter than in person but overall the finished result was just what I had in mind for updating the look of our kitchen.

Be sure to stop by Ada’s Treasures at Consign & Design Interiors for all of your Dixie Belle and paint project needs. Mr. David and Mrs. Paula are true experts and have helped guide numerous customers through the years with their refinishing project(s). Come by or call today to set up a time to meet or chat with the staff at C & DI-we’re happy to help answer any and all of your project questions.



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DIY- Grasscloth wall covering the easy way. Why you can and should add texture to your walls.

I’ve loved wallpaper ever since I can remember. While most kids on Friday afternoons were making plans on the playground to meet up at DiscoveryZone, I was daydreaming about the hours I’d be spending at the wallpaper store come Saturday with my Mom. My love for everything eclectic definitely comes from her, as does my love of wall coverings.

I’d say I’m very fortunate when it comes to having a handy husband, but wallpaper was where he drew the line. He knew his talents in the workshop far outweighed his patience with trying to maneuver around our dining area and line up wallpaper according to my ever-so-picky eye. After a recent move I was up late one night just staring at all the blank beige walls that surrounded me. Our old home was a much more open floor plan, which was the perfect excuse not to wallpaper. When we moved my husband finally caved and agreed to wallpaper and hiring an install team to hang it just right.

For those of you who know me personally, through the shop or otherwise, you know how frugal I can be. After doing much research and spending way too much time looking at countless wall covering options I finally decided that one thing was for certain; I couldn’t decide which one. That’s what initially led me to grasscloth. And I’m here to tell you, there are TONS of options out there for this option too. I decided, since I wasn’t sure what type of dining room table we’d be building yet for our new space, to simply go with a light color grasscloth. I ended up being SO happy with this choice and, ultimately, it made the install much easier too since the wall color was similar to the grasscloth color I’d chosen.

As I previously mentioned, I’m not one for deciding. So as fate would have it last Sunday afternoon while running errands I quickly ran in to our local Pottery Barn outlet store and there on the shelf were 5 rolls of Tempaper Textured Grasscloth in the color Sand. While these can be rather pricy, I was lucky enough to score each role at 60% off which made this DIY project that much sweeter!

Let me say this: Although my love of wallpaper goes WAY back, my love or knowledge of actually hanging any type of wall covering was WAY limited. Which brings me to the best part yet…y’all this stuff was AMAZING!! I kept waiting to make mistakes and for this to end up being a big DIY no-no, and it turned out every bit as amazing as I’d imagined in my mind…even a little more if I’m telling the truth. And EASY!! Wait… it’s about to get even better. This product is removable and damage free…for real. If you don’t like it or you change your mind or your décor a month or a year from now…it’ll come right off! Seriously, how is everyone not using this!?!

Here’s what I used to complete my look:

-Tempaper Brand Textured Removable Wallpaper in Color Sand- I used 5 rolls to complete my dining room.

-A plastic spatula, seriously, I found this in my hubby’s tool box and it worked like magic!

-A razor blade

-A tape measure

I can’t believe that’s all it took either! I first measured the length I’d need starting at the ceiling and ending where our wainscoting begins. I gave myself about 1inch to much on both the top and bottom. This allowed for plenty of room to line it up nicely, and easily. There are two tips I have and they proved to work wonders with this. Overlay, Overlay, Overlay…that’s how I was able make this seamless and have it line up literally perfectly. It also allowed there to be breathing room if you will for air pockets. (Although, this product was so easy to use I found I had very little of that problem when I applied it simply starting from top to bottom with the plastic spatula.

My second tip is this: don’t cut the width of the roll. This was especially important for this type of wall covering. I didn’t want any appearance of uneven lines. Although this isn’t true “Grasscloth”, it is textured to look and feel just like the real thing. One thing that always bugged me about the real thing was the unevenness of the color variations. We have a lot of light in our dining room and I knew I’d end up hating it if it were uneven or different colors between panels. This again was another reason I can’t say enough good things about Tempaper, it was so easy and there were times I had to peel it up to lay it just right and it was easy to peel, line up, and smooth out.

After you have it lined up just use your razor knife to follow the molding or the edge of the walls. I was fortunate that we have molding and trim so it was simple to keep a straight edge.

And y’all that’s it! Again, super easy! I honestly cannot believe I waited so long to embark on the adventures of wall covering. This is an easy, quick solution to add a touch of elegance to any room. All in all, I am in love with the way this room turned out. It’s seamless, looks and feels just like grasscloth, I installed it myself, and when I’m ready for something different, it’s easy and damage-free to remove! Email me or stop by the shop for any questions you may have, I’m more than happy to help! May the wall covering adventures that await you be filled with texture, color, and ease! xo- SB

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Early Fall Home Décor and Home Tour

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m “Basic”. Honestly, it was my husband many years ago that introduced me to the phrase and I’ve indulged in every glorious PSL, black pair of leggings, hooded sweatshirt, and UGG boots since. I say, “You only live once, you wanna be basic…You do you Boo”. Or something along those lines.

In all seriousness though the Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Which is why, behind Christmas of course, (Because who doesn’t want the one opportunity a year to indulge in making your home glitter and glisten from space) that I love adding home decor accents to our home.

I’m often asked when I’m in the shop by customers if I decorate with items from the store…Ummm…Of course I do y’all! Not to sound TOO biased, but C & DI is definitlely my favorite home decor and “Go to” store. I find unique treasures constantly and today I’m sharing just a few of those treasures with you and how I use them within my very own home.

Before I dive right in with photos, I’d love to share with you one of my favorite things about Fall decorating: the texture and layering. Leaves, garlands, pinecones, sticks, hay and especially pumpkins. I love the look of a layered room and Fall is the perfect and easiest (In my personal opinion) time of the year to practice if you will, layering decor accents and elements to any space within your home.

Each item on our mantle was purchased at Consign & Design Interiors.
-Vintage Green Shutters by Laurel Alexander Interiors at C & DI
-Wood Framed Mirror by C & DI
-Oversized Boxwood Wreath by C & DI
-Fabulous, Full Fall Garland by Blue Bicycle Boutique at C & DI
-Pottery Barn Tall Silver Candlesticks by C & DI
-Blue & White Happiness Ginger Jars by Blue Bicycle Boutique at C & DI
A sweet neighbor dropped by this fragrance set from a recent trip they’d taken to St. Simons Island
-Woven Basket by Liz P. of C & DI
-Garden & Gun Magazine a staple in our living area for the hubs
-Another Fabulous, Fall Garland by Blue Bicycle Boutique at C & DI
-Blue & White Buffet Lamp a gift from my sweet Aunt Fran of Pawleys Island, SC
-Oversized Gold Wall Clock purchased at 129 Salvage (One of my best finds yet at a steal of only $20!)
Bring on the layers! I love a good bookcase and these built-ins in our upstairs living area have been so much fun to decorate! Each and every shelf boast at least one keepsake, photograph, or memento that has been either passed down to my husband or myself and that brings happiness and joy to our lives. This area has served as such a peaceful space in our home.
-Our Drapes are by Lacefield in the pattern Bendi
-Our Swivel Chairs are by C & DI
-Our Lg. Rug is a Vintage Persian
-Coffee Table by Hekman
-Hand painted Pumpkins by Designing Divas at C & DI

I credit the talented and ever beautiful Ms. Helen of C & DI for teaching me my mad gardening skills. She’s one of the most patient and kind ladies I’ve been blessed to get to know over the last few years and after observing her planting countless large planters at the shop I decided to take on the planting at home myself and this side at least turned out so colorful and pretty!
-The oversized “sticks” were purchased from C & DI at The Sisters booth
-The wooden pumpkins were purchased as well from C & DI
-The hay bales were purchased at Hobby Lobby
-The large black planters were purchased at The Home Depot
Our homes exterior was recently painted by Southern Painting- They do great work and we’re happy to pass along there contact info. to anyone looking to tackle a painting project interior or exterior.
We love our large framed pagoda prints that we purchased at Traditions Furniture in Gainesville.
-Hand painted Blue & White Pumpkins by Molly Jones of Pawleys Island, SC
-Blue & White Table Lamp by Ralph Lauren
-Handmade Heart Pine Sofa Table by Bennett Willis of GA Heart Pine Moultrie, GA
We love our sets of Blue & White Planters. This set was a gift from my in-laws. The coordinating set on our mantle in our downstairs living space was purchsed at C & DI at the Blue Bicycle Boutique.
-Handpainted Faux Blue & White Pumpkins by Molly Jones of Pawleys Island, SC

Myself and all the lovely staff at Consign & Design Interiors would love to help you find all the perfect Fall décor accents for your home this season. Be sure to visit us in store soon and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a first look at all the new items that are arriving each day!

Cheers to all things Fall Y ‘all!